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Amealco Dolls

Spring Update from Jessie

Family Things are pretty normal around here. Scot has still been dealing with the details of his father’s estate. So many things to go through and memories to process. We miss him very much, but we find joy in knowing he had put his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and was looking forward to […]

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volcanoes view

A View I Won’t Forget

My View With A Daily Dose of Awe The view I saw daily took my breath away… every time. It was always the same, yet depending on the lighting, it was magnificently new every time I looked at it. Anyone who looks at God’s creation and denies that there is a masterful creator of what […]

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Holiday Wedding

Wedding on New Year’s Eve What could be more fun than getting married on New Year’s Eve? I can’t think of anything! And that is what Scot and I did… We just figured “why wait?” Yes, I returned to Mexico… but I will be back in Texas living with my hubby in February. We are […]

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Midway Reflections

Midway through the year Well, the midway mark of my time here in Ixtapaluca is quickly approaching. Time has really flown by… with the small exception of the times when I feel homesick. So, I am prompted to reflect back on where I was in February, and where I am now. This kind of thing […]

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Motivated for Missions

A Tale of Two Youth Groups Cottowood, Texas… I believe the population is less than 200. And no stores or gas stations. Just a church and a town hall type building. And a beautiful historic cemetery with big trees and an old log cabin at the entrance. Oh, and two or three stop signs that […]

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Stairs, Walking, and More Stairs

Learning more than Spanish April was a CRAZY month! I started language school in Puebla, Mexico at the very end of March and was there for three weeks. While learning Spanish, the school also encouraged us to learn more about the culture. So I went on every school sponsored excursion (all in Spanish of course) […]

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