Meet The Team

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Meet The Team

Obrero Fiel Team Conference

mexico team
Almost all of the Mexico Team was able to make it to the meeting in Amealco.

I’m past due for giving you an update on the Obrero Fiel MX Team conference. In April I traveled to Amealco, Mexico to host a meeting/conference for the team members who live in Mexico. You can see the full team here: (not all of the members in the photos are in Mexico): Obrero Fiel TEAM. It was very good for for all of us to meet in person. We can now interact “virtually” with a little more confidence in the way we communicate. We can also pray with more intention as we get to know each other personally. These people are truly a blessing and I thank God for their involvement with our ministry. We are all committed to encouraging, mentoring, and equipping Spanish speakers who visit our website and participate in our online school (Escuela Obrero Fiel).

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Not All Work

Smoothie at Aroma Coffee Shop (I had already had 2 cups of coffee)

If you follow me on social media, you know that my trip to Mexico wasn’t all work. It kind of gets all mixed together. My previous co-worker in ministry, Tina Barham, now serves in Amealco (not a coincidence). She was very instrumental in helping me organize the meeting and providing meals and snacks for everyone. Plus she was my personal chauffeur and tour guide. Heather and Brock Hower, who also serve in Amealco, were extremely helpful (and entertaining) as well. Part of their combined ministries includes a coffee shop (I got to help them last year with some logo design and photography). This photo shows me enjoying a smoothie while hanging out during one of their classes in the community center.



After I was done in Amealco, I went down to Ixtapaluca to visit all of my sweet friends that I made when I lived there. Shari and Jim Cottrill gave me a place to stay and transported me around town. By the way, their home was the first place I stayed when I was investigating serving in Mexico. That was in 2011! The top of my list of things to do there…. get tacos! And of course, visit my church in Jesús María. It was so fun to see and hug everyone and to meet some new people.

So there you have the highlights… once I got back home, I hit the ground running. So you will be receiving another update soon to fill you in. But until then, be sure to keep up with me on social media. You can find the links in the sidebar.

Watching the worship team practice in the new sanctuary.

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