Friends, Travel, Pain, & Surgery

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Friends, Travel, Pain, & Surgery

Hola Amigos!

I’m sorry I’ve been so slow to update you on everything. Procrastination and uncertainty are the culprits in that. So now it’s time…

Health Update

In my last update, I mentioned that I was recovering from a wreck… and that I still had some “new and different” nagging back pain that I was going to learn to live with. Well, it turns out that it is easier said than done. After further review and new x-rays and MRIs, my doctors decided it was time to do surgery. My L4 and L5 vertebrae are rubbing bone on bone(hence the pain) and the disc between them is barely there. On Thursday, April 25th, I’ll be having surgery to fuse those together with metal rods and insert a “fake” disc. Yes… I’ll be taller(a tiny bit) and will being the recovery process of a painful surgery. Your prayers are appreciated(for me AND for Scot). Amanda will be staying with us for a week to help care for me so Scot won’t have to take off so much work. And I’ll get to see that grand baby every day!

Mexico Conference

The Obrero Fiel Team at the 2019 Mexico ConferenceI’ve had the surgery on the calendar for over a month now. But I knew I needed to have my annual conference with my team in Mexico and of course visit friends while I was there. God has been so gracious to keep my pain to a minimum so I could travel and accomplish everything I needed to do. Most modes of transportation allow me to recline the seat enough to relive pressure on my spine. Don’t worry, the doctor told me it was ok to travel. Painful maybe, but I wouldn’t be causing anymore damage.

Our conference was a success and we left with tools and motivation to work more efficiently and encourage each other as we do. I am so thankful for such a caring and diligent team of Jesus followers to partner with me in our work in providing training and resources for Spanish speaker pastors and leaders. We have so many exciting things planned for our future. Your prayers are appreciated as we continue to update the “hidden” resources from the migration and as we develop new premium content and classes to offer our users. We are also working diligently to solidify partnerships that will provide proper funding for the ongoing work.

Special Thank You’s

I want to give special a “thank you” to two of my supporting churches who donated items for me to take to my team and give special encouragement to Tina. I am overwhelmed by the love and generosity of these folks and I thank God for putting them in my path! So… thank you Grace Bible Church and Cottonwood Baptist Church! You are greatly appreciated!

Friends & Real Mexican Food

Waterfall near Tina's home in Amealco.Of course, while I was in Mexico, I had the opportunity to visit with my friends, eat awesome food, and do a little sight-seeing!

Waterfall selfie
There’s a waterfall near Tina’s home in Amealco. Selfies are a must in this situation.

Tina is always so accommodating and helps me prepare for the conference in the days before we meet. I wouldn’t be able to do it without her! Oh wait. I will have to do it without her next year because she is moving back to the states! Camino Global/Avant asked her to take on the job of mobilization for the new joint effort of sending missionaries out to the world. It will be a huge adjustment for her. She’s been living in Mexico for almost eight years. She’ll be moving to Kansas City, Missouri(our new headquarters) at the end of this summer. If you would like to help in all the stuff that goes on in a move, click here.

One of my all-time favorites: Chilaquiles are basically corn tortilla pieces that are fried, cooked in salsa, and sprinkled with cheese. They are often served for breakfast with eggs and a side of beans or nopalitos.


Jessie having lunch with the Frys and CottrillsSizzling hot meats and napoles on the lunch table.After leaving Amealco, I took a bus trip(then Uber) down to southern Mexico City where I lived in 2014. Rod and Mayra Fry were kind enough to let me stay with them(thanks to Cathy for letting me borrow your bedroom!). We all had fun catching up with the Cottrill’s over lunch and I was able to attend church in Jesús María on Sunday.

Some of my sweet friend from church.Then I enjoyed Sunday afternoon mealtime at Aurora’s home with friends. It’s good for the soul to see so many familiar faces and see how all of the kids have grown!



Of course, an update wouldn’t be complete without a few photos of my family! And you have to agree that grand baby is the cutest thing ever. And she is so smart! Click images to enlarge.

Winry’s introduction to grass at the Dallas Arboretum…


A view of Iztaccíhuatl from the restaurant Los Colorines.
A view of Iztaccíhuatl from the restaurant Los Colorines. It was too hazy to see Popocatépetl(aka Popo), the active volcano near Ixtapaluca). He’s been pretty active lately, so the ash is making it difficult to see.

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