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I am so excited to be building a team of people who are praying for me and/or financially supporting God’s work on Obrero Fiel. Our team reaches people worldwide while working from Texas (me) Guatemala, and Mexico. There are several things to do to become fully invested in the Team. Click here to go straight to the giving page.

Connect & Pray

Subscribe to Newsletters and blog notifications here to receive the periodic newsletters and emails when new content is added to the blog (articles, videos, prayer requests). I promise not to go overboard on these notifications.

Plus, you can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter for day-to-day updates and photos. I am pretty active on those networks…just in case you want to really see what’s happening! And that way I can keep up with and pray for you too!

Then… When you get an email with new information, please take a moment to pray for the situation and/or offer praises to God for the work He is doing through the Team…Connect & Pray!


There are two ways to join the financial side of the support team (you can do one or both)…

Monthly (most important for the ongoing ministry)

There are several ways to do this. The preferred way is by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Click here for a form you can fill out and send to Camino Global). Be sure to identify how it should be applied by including my name and account number on your check: Jessica Jenkins and 086890

Supporting A Camino Global Missionary

All Donations made to Camino Global are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE*; you will receive a receipt from Camino Global for any funds received.

 Sending a check to Camino Global

Tax-deductible gifts by check are a way to send in a one-time gift to support missionaries through Camino Global. Please write your check out to Camino Global with the Intern’s Name and Account # (Jessica Jenkins and 086890) in the Memo line.

You can send the check to:

Camino Global

8625 La Prada Drive
Dallas, TX 75228

Phone: 1-800-366-2264

 Using Credit Card

You may choose to contribute on-line with a credit card.  Click here to give online… and make sure to enter Jessica Jenkins or 086890 beside the box labeled “specific missionary”. Then just follow the instructions from that point on.

Drink Coffee

Hope Coffee sells high quality Honduran coffee beans in order to assist Camino Global in meeting its goal of producing and empowering followers of Jesus Christ in Spanish-speaking areas of the world by:

  • Creating capital to sustain existing missions ministries
  • Motivating members of the U.S. church to assume an active role in the missions field
  • Building and furthering relationships within the Honduran church and its communities

Your coffee purchases can also benefit my ministry when you enter my name in the “I heard about HOPE Coffee from…” field or specify my name in the notes area when you check out. It is a small amount, but it benefits Hope Coffee efforts and my ministry at the same time! Click here to order coffee.

*Please remember that according to IRS regulations, all funds given to a non-profit organization are the property of the organization and cannot be seen as the property of any missionary, intern, or short-term team member. We cannot refund any of the money raised through Camino Global, but we remain committed to allocating as much of the funds as possible to your specified field of ministry after all administrative, pre-field, and post-field costs have been taken care of.

Be a part of the ministry!

You can pray, give a one-time monetary gift, and/or commit to monthly financial support. Your financial support will help insure the online ministry will continue.

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