A View I Won’t Forget

My View With A Daily Dose of Awe

The view I saw daily took my breath away… every time. It was always the same, yet depending on the lighting, it was magnificently new every time I looked at it. Anyone who looks at God’s creation and denies that there is a masterful creator of what they see is definitely blinded… or brutally stubborn.

Every time I walked to the corner where I could catch a combi (public transportation in Mexico), I was mesmerized by the beauty of the two volcanoes that framed my neighborhood. Iztaccihuatl and Popocatépetl (both with elevations over 17,000 feet). Although Izta is dormant, Popo is still very active. On days that they weren’t hidden by Mexico City smog, I could see puffs of smoke emitting from Popo’s top… almost like he was puffing a cigar.

Izta & Popo Morning ViewBecause the enormous, overwhelmingly beautiful mountains were always there… in the very same place… every single day… yet they always looked different, I couldn’t help but think of God (Revelation 1:8). He has always been. He is always the same. He never changes. Majestic. Powerful. Words cannot capture His essence, much like a photo cannot capture the beauty I saw with my eyes. He is the same today, tomorrow, and forevermore. Yet, when we experience Him personally, we are always finding something new, something different, something amazing (Lamentations 3:22-23). He reveals Himself to us as we are willing to see and hear His Word. I pray that I do not ever lose the desire to find out more and more about His amazing power and love… a desire that steals my breath… much like the view of Izta and Popo that took my breath away… everyday… for my year in Mexico City.

Izta & Popo at Midday Izta & Popo at Sunset

What’s Next?

By now you know that I got married on New Year’s Eve. We will be living in Carrollton… which means I have a ton of stuff to move and unpack… and I have no idea where we are going to put it all! Be looking for garage sale details soon! Thank you in advance for your prayers as we work through all the details of newlyweds… name changes for me… address updates… toothpaste tube squeezing differences, and other important married stuff. Plus, Scot is an insta-dad to not only my grown kids, but also my dogs. Hopefully his adjustment to them will be smooth. My dogs are my babies too, you know!

Now that I am home, I am focusing on support raising… or rather re-raising. I have heard from many of my current supporters about your intentions of continuing support. I am so thankful for you sharing the vision of ObreroFiel ministries with Camino Global. However, not everyone is able to continue their support long-term, so we will need to find individuals and/or churches to partner with us in this ministry. You can read the details about Camino Global’s E-ministries here. Please share with your friends and church leaders and let me know of any possible contacts you may have. Below is a short video describing the ministry. Plus, find out How to become a support partner.

Obrero Fiel from ObreroFiel.com Videos on Vimeo.

Photos from my final month in Mexico City

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Still Blogging!

I may not be living in Mexico anymore, but I will still be blogging. I will keep you updated with our new ministry as much as possible without boring you with html, php, SEO… you know… the nerdy stuff… But I will also be writing about life in general, spiritual insight, art, and photography (including my popular bit about “Texts from my Hubby“). Check back soon, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Be a part of the ministry!

You can pray, give a one-time monetary gift, and/or commit to monthly financial support. Your financial support will help insure the online ministry will continue.

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