Holiday Wedding

Wedding on New Year’s Eve

What could be more fun than getting married on New Year’s Eve? I can’t think of anything! And that is what Scot and I did… We just figured “why wait?” Yes, I returned to Mexico… but I will be back in Texas living with my hubby in February. We are so excited about our new family. Thank you Cesar for the amazing photos! I will be posting them as they are available.

It was a very small ceremony… just family and a couple of friends who hosted it for us. Scot’s long time friends, Todd Simmons and Monty Cook officiated the wedding, and it was beautiful… not a dry eye in the house.

Doesn’t our new family look amazing?
Thank you to everyone for all of the well wishes!

Some of you have asked if we are registered anywhere… yes, right now we are registered at Macy’s (click to go straight there!). And I am working on the Target registry (it doesn’t seem to be cooperating).

UPDATE: We now have our Target registry ready. Click here.

Christmas and Family

Fun game time Christmas Eve!

I was very happy to spend Christmas with my family in Texas. There were a few members missing (my brother and his family recently moved to Florida, and Natalie wasn’t able to make the trip… so she could make it to the wedding). We worshiped at Country Bible Church and enjoyed dinner, fellowship, and gift giving at my parents’ home. So thankful to have such an amazing family!

Mexico Updates

Christmas dinner at my church in Jesús María.
Christmas dinner at my church in Jesús María.
Ladies’ Christmas breakfast
coro unido
Coru Unido concert in Puebla

Since our closing community center ceremonies in December, we have been doing “holiday” stuff, taking a breather, and preparing for the upcoming session beginning January 12… that is MONDAY! Tons to do before then. I will be fitting in six painting classes before returning to Texas (3 in Jesús María and 3 in Las Palmas) as well as helping with English classes. Please pray that I finish my time here well and that travel with Georgia (my sweet dog) goes smoothly.

Future Plans

If you are on my snail mail list, you should soon be receiving a letter with all of this information and more. The digital version (and in color) is here. In short, I have been working with the team (a ministry of Camino Global) for the past year or so, and they have asked me to continue working with them. I pretty much do the “nerdy” stuff and have been working to make a more efficient as well as pleasing user experience for visitors. Click on the links below to see the details and watch the video for an overview.

Transitioning into this role will mean I need to raise additional support. ObreroFiel is a support based ministry, as are the people working with it. This ministry is a far-reaching outreach to Spanish speakers around the world who do not have access to spiritual resources, discipleship and encouragement. ObreroFiel has more than 175 volunteers who interact with people searching for spiritual help online. (English site explaining the e-ministries of Camino Global and

2014 Impact Report

How to become a support partner

If you are a current supporter and haven’t already done so, please confirm you intentions to continue support by emailing me here.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I would also appreciate any contacts you may have to help me find supporters interested in this type of ministry. Thank you!


Be a part of the ministry!

You can pray, give a one-time monetary gift, and/or commit to monthly financial support. Your financial support will help insure the online ministry will continue.

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