Spring Update from Jessie


Things are pretty normal around here. Scot has still been dealing with the details of his father’s estate. So many things to go through and memories to process. We miss him very much, but we find joy in knowing he had put his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and was looking forward to being in His presence.

Scot has also been adjusting to a new work schedule. For now, he is no longer flying. He is still with the same traffic company, but the station where he was doing most of his reporting moved to a new company. If you are local and want to hear him on the air, he can usually be heard in the mornings at 660AM. But you may hear him other times and stations as well. Maybe even in Houston! He doesn’t travel there, but his team provides reports for many cities using their traffic technology.

My back is still not 100%. My doctor referred me to a physical therapist, and I have been working to strengthen my core and stabilize my sacroiliac joint (which is apparently where the source of the problem is). I have learned that when there are problems with things like that, it sets off all kinds of other problems… like muscles locking up on nerves to where you can’t move! Please pray that the healing will continue (quickly). I am sooooo tired of being in pain (it is not near as intense anymore, but it is still a distraction to my everyday life).

PersevereThe kids are all doing well. Not much has changed in that area. Joe is still in Austin, Natalie in Corpus Christi, and Amanda and Casey are in Waxahachie. We recently hosted a house warming party for them to help them settle into their new home. In the photo, Amanda is holding a gift from my sister and her daughter-in-law that says “persevere”. Amanda and Casey have been dealing with infertility issues, and Amanda has written a few articles about their journey in this difficult time. She realized it isn’t something many women will open up about, so she wanted to share her story. You can see her blog here.

Sarah in NamMy niece, Sarah left recently to serve in Vietnam teaching English and helping some local ministries. She is being obedient to God’s leading in her life and went solo to do His work. You can read about her ministry and see how to pray for her here.



Website Ministry

When explaining my ministry to others, it can be rather difficult to put a personal spin on it. I work on background stuff. I don’t have smiling faces to show how what I am doing makes any difference. I can’t put a “donate now” button next to a sad hungry face that tugs at your heart strings. All I have is the knowledge that what I do is a crucial part of a bigger work that others are able to use on the front lines of their ministries.  And yes, it does affect my support financially… but God isn’t limited by people’s understanding of how He can use technology. The work still goes on and He provides.

But in March, I was able to get a little bit of personal affirmation. As you will read further down in this update, I was able to make a trip to Mexico to visit one of those “front line” ministries. We went to a birthday party after church where we had good food and sweet fellowship with some of the church members. As I chatted with one of the members, he asked me what I do. I told him that I work on the ObreroFiel.com website and his face lit up. He thanked me deeply for my work and said that he and his wife had done two of the studies so far and were able to pair up with another couple to continue growing in their spiritual walk. I am so thankful for that conversation. It gave me just enough encouragement to feel like I don’t  have to apologize for not being a traditional missionary. What I do does help spread the Gospel. What God has allowed me to be a part of equips people in their own communities to share His Word, grace, and love where I can’t go. I  praise the Lord for those moments that push me forward in Kingdom work.

It has been awhile since I have given an update on the website. It is hard to do when there really isn’t much to tell. At least not anything that will sound very interesting to you. The ObreroFiel.com website still looks the same, but in March, we began going through the process of evaluating ALL of it and organizing a plan of action. Of course, none of it is tangible yet, so for now… you’ll have to take my word for it.



Amealco marketIn March, I was able to take some time to visit my Mexico co-worker, Tina Barham (thanks to accumulated airline miles). I got to see the progress of her new ministry in Amealco (click the link to read about the marketplace ministry they are getting ready to launch), meet the other missionaries she is working with (Brock & Heather Hower), and take some family photos for them while I was there. While touring the new city she lives in, I took a few photos for the team to use as they show others about their ministry. You can take a peek at those here.

The image of the dolls was taken at one of the shops on the main street. Authentic “Rag Dolls” are hand made. Although they can be found in other areas of Mexico, Amealco has a large Otomi indigenous population dedicated to making them.Mexican rag dolls


While we are talking about photos, I should mention that I also do some photography on the side to help supplement our income. It also serves as a creative outlet for me and I love being able to help people capture special times in their lives. Spring is a busy time of year, and graduating seniors are my favorite portraits to do! You can see some of my portrait work here. The antique car (below) is from my trip to Mexico.

As always, thank for your prayers and continued support! We pray for you as well. I would love to hear from you, so leave a comment or send a private email and let me know what you are up to!


antique car

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