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Below the Surface

Sharks swim below the surface I guess Shark Week is in my brain. If you are in the water with sharks, it is very difficult to see them. Being above the water… say in a boat… helps your view of the water and allows you to see some of what is near the surface. I […]

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Clash of Cultures

Reverse Culture Shock = Clash of Cultures It has been awhile since I have written an update (well, I update almost everyday on Facebook… but you know what I mean). When I arrived home in February, I didn’t think the jump back to life in the good ‘ole USA would be that big of a […]

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A View I Won’t Forget

My View With A Daily Dose of Awe The view I saw daily took my breath away… every time. It was always the same, yet depending on the lighting, it was magnificently new every time I looked at it. Anyone who looks at God’s creation and denies that there is a masterful creator of what […]

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Holiday Wedding

Wedding on New Year’s Eve What could be more fun than getting married on New Year’s Eve? I can’t think of anything! And that is what Scot and I did… We just figured “why wait?” Yes, I returned to Mexico… but I will be back in Texas living with my hubby in February. We are […]

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Advent in a New Light

And the Light Came On Have you ever been reading something that is very familiar and all of a sudden you see something in a new light? It happens periodically to me, and day three of the Advent (free download) devotional I am doing did just that (see below pages 19-20: Day 3). I like […]

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Thankful is an Understatement

More Than Thankful! As I sit here with my brain in a fog (mostly from the pain meds), I can’t help but be thankful. I know… it is almost Thanksgiving and I am “supposed” to write about such things, but it is overwhelmingly true right now. Wednesday evening (November 19), I began feeling very uncomfortable […]

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