Spring Ministry Update

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Spring Ministry Update

Getting Caught Up

Once again I’ve waited too long to give an update. Not much has changed, but there have been a few things going on here on the home front, as well as with Obrero Fiel.


I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I’ll go weeks without posting anything(I do however look at everyone else’s photos). I avoid reading the negative stuff. Really, the only thing I use it for is peer groups(creative and technical groups) and keeping up with grand kids.

One thing I do enjoy about it though–the memories that pop up. I love looking back at what was going on in my life at the times that Facebook chooses to remind us about. Today’s memory was reflecting on my recovery time after my back surgery two years ago. I’ve attached an image of the post, but here’s what it said (from May 4, 2019):

Thought of the day… as I was walking my required exercise for the morning, I felt an overwhelming wave of emotion. Although the pain from my surgery is very present(thankful for pain meds that help some with that), I realized that I was not in pain from the walking… I had gotten so used to being in pain during this simple task, that it was just part of my life. I am so full of gratitude for the way God uses science and doctors to help heal and repair us. I have a long way to go, but I can already tell that things will be much better.

This draws my thoughts to the battle of our lives. The one that we know is already won by the work of Jesus on the cross as a sacrifice for our sin. We still have the pains of life, but we are in the process of recovering from this “surgery” even though the work has been done by the Great Physician for the ultimate healing we will have when He returns in victorious glory. Pain may still be present, but healing is on the way. There is hope in healing. There is grace in the process. There is overwhelming gratitude in understanding that our God wants us with Him and orchestrated a way for that to be possible.

10,000 reasons…Bless the Lord!


Obrero Fiel

Obrero Fiel is still moving forward in our efforts to digitize theological resources that were previously in our print stock (via ELA, a ministry that was part of Camino Global). Everything takes longer than we hope, but we still make progress. Our team is going through a few changes. The wonderful, amazing, productive gal(really my right arm) in Mexico who was working on converting the books (as well as other design projects for Obrero Fiel) was scheduled for maternity leave at the end of December. That was planned and we were all so excited for her. She was to return in February, but understandably, it is just too much to juggle two littles and a job. I am totally  on board with her decision, but that meant we needed to find a replacement for her. And I miss her!

Thankfully, God provided a three-month trial replacement pretty quickly and we are on our way to getting back on track with production. Osmar is young and enthusiastic, and has been very willing to learn our processes. He is also happy to accept guidance in design details and formats. I’m excited to have him on board. We just need a little time to get all of the training and settling in done. Please pray that he is a “fit” for us and he is able to adapt to our production processes quickly.

Personal Ministry

We attend Grace Bible Church Dallas. After going to the same church most of my life, it was really difficult for me to want to dig in somewhere new. Thankfully Scot landed at Grace Bible while I was still in Mexico and I was able to jump right in when I returned. Since then, I’ve served in a study facilitator role, taught a few classes, and helped with a few events(mostly retreats).

In January, Grace hired a new Women’s Director and somehow in the transition and pandemic induced changes, I got “roped” into organizing the Spring retreat(it was supposed to be the fall 2020 retreat). As I write this, I’m still recovering from the weekend of fun. This was our first real gathering since the pandemic began and it was amazing to have a time of fellowship that we all needed! Praising God that the weather was decent(no rain) and we were all open to hearing our new leader speak God’s Word to us.

I’m also excited to be serving on the women’s curriculum team as we plan the studies we’ll be working on for the upcoming sessions.


Since my last update(October!), we’ve gone through Thanksgiving, Christmas, family visits, a little local “traveling”, babysat some grand kids, minor surgery(Scot), one fun snow event, then the Great Texas Snowmadgeddon, hair color changes, and new cervical disc issues(Jessica). See below for photos of all this stuff!

The past several months, I’ve been dealing with arm, neck, and shoulder pain and numbness. Through the process of physical therapy, testing, and an MRI, I’ve been diagnosed with moderate stenosis in my C5-C6 disc and mild in the discs right below and above. This is the same thing that was going on in my lumbar area where I had surgery. Thankfully, this new diagnosis isn’t to the point of surgery, but it is a degenerative problem. The course of action right now is pain management and muscle strengthening. Pray that I remain diligent in my therapy so that I can keep it manageable.

The neurologist also found that I have a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome, but I really already knew that. I have to wear a brace as much as possible.


You know I always have to have photos! Enjoy these, and checkout my Facebook page for many more. If we aren’t connected yet, send me a friend request so you can see all of them.

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