Difficult Seasons

Difficult Seasons

God gives strength in difficult times.

PersevereHere it is, August. I was really going to write sooner, but it has been very difficult to even know what to say or think. In my last update, I wrote about my daughter’s blog and that she had been writing about their struggle with infertility. At the time that I posted it, Amanda and Casey had already shared with us that she was pregnant. We all were so excited… but cautiously. They knew it was still early and weren’t sure how her body would respond given all the details of their case. At their first appointment, they saw their baby and her heartbeat. What a miracle it is to see a human being in the womb. By her next appointment, she had miscarried.

My heart aches for my sweet daughter and for Casey. They have a deep desire to have children. Amanda acted as “momma” since she was about four years old when she took it upon herself to care for her younger brother, Joseph. It is just part of her makeup.

Although my heart hurts, I am also extremely encouraged by Amanda’s faith during this difficult time. God holds her in such a tender way and she has encouraged so many other young women by being open and honest about her feelings and faith. You can read about her journey here.

Please join me in praying for them. Pray for endurance and perseverance. Pray that God would give them a child. Pray that they would be content in what He has in store for them. Pray for the rest of us in the family as well… that we would be encouraging and faithful.

I will do another update after Obrero Fiel launches the new site. Thank you for your patience and for your prayers.



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