Advent in a New Light

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Advent in a New Light

And the Light Came On

light, adventHave you ever been reading something that is very familiar and all of a sudden you see something in a new light? It happens periodically to me, and day three of the Advent (free download) devotional I am doing did just that (see below pages 19-20: Day 3). I like to think these “aha” moments are God’s way of keeping us on a continual pursuit of discovering His character….even though this moment may be slightly influenced by the emotional roller coaster of post surgery meds and such. Still, either way, God speaks to us through scripture.

The first thing that hit me was this quote in response to Hebrews 13:20-21

One of the things pleasing in God’s sight is that his people keep on drawing near to him forever and ever. And so he is working in us this very thing.”   ~Piper

AgainIt is pleasing to God when we draw near to him. Of course, since I am in the middle of wedding planning, I think of our love and the desire to draw closer to each other as we prepare for a life together. It pleases both of us as we anticipate the fullness of our relationship and the ongoing commitment to draw closer to each other.

But what hit me on a deeper level was the realization of Christ’s devotion to our endurance of faith through the trials we encounter. Luke 22:31-32 points out that He not only knows our struggles, but He is interceding for us to remain faithful (very personal… kinda blows my mind thinking about it), and coming out of the dark places… we will be able to testify of His glory and encourage others as they draw near to God as well.

I have a couple of friends going through deep deep darkness as I write this post, and sometimes I don’t even know how to pray for them. But here, we can see how Jesus prays (for their faith to remain) and He knows the out come of their endurance (although the pain from the suffering may never go away).

“And when you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.”  ~Luke 22:31-32

So, read day three (pg 19) of this devotion and comment below about how it speaks to you. I would love to have your input!


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