Getting Settled in Ixtapaluca Takes Patience

Patience Required

landingMy flight landed in Mexico City Thursday, February 20th. Georgia and I made it without much hoopla. Only one bag was missing, and the airline delivered it a few days later. My house wasn’t quite ready to move in since I had to go through the process of getting everything in that is necessary to…well…live there. So in the meantime, I stayed with fellow Camino worker, Tina Barham.

settledTina took me shopping for necessities and a few things for the house. We found some furniture that we both loved and I was able to purchase it from a family street-side business instead of a large furniture store. They stained it to my color choice (red) and made the pillows to order as well. Purchasing my bed was an event…or two…or three… It took three trips to the furniture store to seal the deal. Nobody seemed to know what to do. Finally, on Friday… we finalized the purchase, had it delivered, and they even carried it up the stairs for me. I had to put it together, though. But that was pretty simple.

As of Saturday, I have my gas hooked up, the stove is in place and I have hot water! That was my first night to stay in my house. I still don’t have internet, so I will spend a lot of time at Tina’s. I have plans to paint some of the walls and work a little “magic” to make it feel homey.

Jump Into Ministry

Although not much is expected of me as I get settled in, there was so much “waiting” involved for house items that I decided to jump into some of the activities with the church and community center. I observed an ESL class, attended a line dancing class, the women’s Bible study (all in Spanish of course), and took the youth to serve at an orphanage in Puebla (and then produced a video of the trip to show at church on Sunday… see below), attended a Camino team meeting, and several other social activities! It’s been a busy week to say the least! You can see

I hope you are able to follow me on facebook. Much of what I do is shared there, and I enjoy communicating with everyone on a daily basis. I am also enjoying the beautiful weather here as I see the reports of sleet, snow, and freezing temperatures in the metroplex!

Coming Up

In the coming weeks, I will be finishing up “home” things in between ministry tasks and other items. I am planning on attending language school for a few weeks… investigating that right now. I will also be working with some church members on a website for the community center so they can attract visitors and also communicate with supporters…just one reason I need my internet up and running soon. I also have plenty to do on the website which has taken a back seat while I transition into life here. So….. getting settled in Ixtapaluca takes patience!

Jesus María Youth Video