Below the Surface

Sharks swim below the surface

Photo Credit: frompo.comI guess Shark Week is in my brain. If you are in the water with sharks, it is very difficult to see them. Being above the water… say in a boat… helps your view of the water and allows you to see some of what is near the surface. I have heard that drones are now being used to identify large sharks in populated swimming areas. Users say that there is no question when a shark shows up in the area because the view gives them a clear look… even below the surface. It is amazing how a change in perspective can make things much clearer.


GoPro Drone Camera
Man… I would love to have one of these cameras. One can dream!

Drone Perspective

Periodically, I need to stop and do that with my new job. I need to look at the “drone perspective” (or better known as God’s perspective… or the big picture). I don’t get to be in the fun face-to-face and tangible activities with people sharing the gospel or ministering together to provide needs for others. Most of the time now, it is just me and my Apple. Sometimes I sit here for hours doing things web designers do and I feel like I am in a bubble. Don’t get me wrong… I don’t mind. Borderline introversion has its perks! But going straight from intense day to day “with the people” ministry to “being in the bubble” ministry can be difficult.

But we recently had a Camino E-ministries team meeting and I was able to look at it from a “drone’s” perspective. We continue to learn how our work affects the Spanish speaking community and how the resources are being used to share the gospel and disciple people around the world. We discussed new ways that we will be providing resources to people who would otherwise have nothing to use or would have much difficulty getting resources. People are working hard to develop these new resources, and we are gearing up to present them online. I am really excited to be a part of this team, and it was great to gain the perspective I needed to continue working in my “bubble”. Seeing the whole picture every once in awhile motivates you to keep going doesn’t it?


Contact on the Horizon

Grace Bible Church DallasAnother exciting thing which will put me in a more “contact” time of service is about to begin. Our church (Grace Bible in Dallas) is beginning a new church service for Spanish speakers on Sunday afternoons. Scot and I have joined the team to help promote it and get it off the ground (again). Grace has had a similar ministry in the past, but now there is a renewed dedication and the leadership ready to get the ministry back on track. We are excited to have something to get us plugged in and active in our new setting. Our first volunteer meeting is Sunday July 12…Services begin mid-August… can’t wait to see what is in store!


Big Picture Giving

I am still working on building my support back up to a sustaining level. Looking at all that is involved in our E-ministries team, it is more important than ever to make sure we can continue the work before us. Please consider joining my ongoing support team or making a one-time gift to the ministry. Click here to give online.


Thank you for taking the time to read my updates. Pray as I find interesting ways to keep you updated on my work. If you would like to see what it is, you can see it in English here.


Pray With Me

  • Please be in prayer with me for the Kaufman Country Bible Church team (which consists of several of my family members) who left to day to help my fellow Camino Global missionaries in Honduras. Pray that they are an encouragement to Bryan and Christi Wiehoff and are able to help them in their ministry needs.
  • Pray for financial support for the ministry.
  • Pray for the Hispanic ministry at Grace Bible.