Timing is God’s

God’s timing is all His… thank goodness!

Hospital coloring, timing
Coloring with grandkids is great therapy!

My last update was from a hospital waiting room (about a month ago). Scot’s dad was near death and the family was processing decisions that come with the passing of a loved one. But God’s timing has a way of thwarting ours. Although my father-in-law is still in the hospital recovering from all of the different things that were wrong (which seemed like everything), he’s about to be moved to a rehab center that will help him regain his strength so he can return home. We continue to be amazed with his resilience and desire to be home. As he said, “I am not giving up.”

Thank you to everyone who prayed for him and for us. He still needs prayer as he continues to battle cancer. And the family needs your prayers as they continue to juggle jobs, family commitments, and caring for their dad.



I’m sure you have noticed my frustration with trying to explain what I actually do. Only nerds and geeks like to hear the details about developing/designing websites and keeping a large online resource collection running smoothly for its users.

But! I now have a pretty nice video that explains how the work I do “plays out” in the real world. Please take a moment to view it (and it would be awesome if you’d share it). Our team is on the cusp of planning and developing new ways to reach people who need resources for learning about and teaching God’s word. It really is exciting…

Obrero Fiel from Camino Global on Vimeo.

It takes a team

Like he said in the video, “we can’t do this alone”. Even though this is an online ministry, it still takes many committed workers to develop it and keep it going… as well as to interact with people online.

I’m still in need of ongoing committed supporters. Please consider joining my support team and/or giving a one-time gift. You can do so here.

I’d love to visit with you about the ministry and I’m also available to speak to your church group or organization. Contact me for scheduling that here.

Other stuff

Scurry girlfriends
I love these gals!

I turned 50! Oh my. My hubby had a great birthday party planned for me and it was great to have all of my kids there! Several other friends/family were there and a few of my childhood girlfriends came to help celebrate. We all grew up together in little ‘ole Scurry… and yes, we were even cheerleaders together! I am so thankful to have such great friends and family who put up with me and actually celebrate with me ☺️.

Flagstone Patio
Patio: hard work, but fun to do!

Yard work. I actually love to do yard work. It’s like therapy, I guess. One of these days, when I have time, I am going to post a DIY article about it. But that may be awhile, so here is a photo that shows what I’ve been doing. I try to only work on it in the morning because it is just too stinking hot in Texas to work all day. The supplies (flagstone) were part of my birthday present, and I needed to get it done before ragweed started playing tricks on me. The deck on the left was actually Scot’s birthday present from June, so I wanted to extend it a little farther. My real goal was to get rid of a lot of grass so we would have less to mow!

Painting. I have failed miserably at my attempt to conquer my “resolution” to paint consistently this year. Or have I? It depends on how optimistic you are. I’ve actually been painting some (very little). I am learning a new (to me) technique/style. So when I do actually get the nerve to share some of my practice paintings (which are copies of a master at the technique), please be “kind” in your critiques. It has been challenging, but I really love the colors! (Sneak a peak if you dare).

Joseph. He has now settled in with us for awhile as he regroups and makes those all-important life decisions. He has had some great freelance opportunities for work, and continues to pursue solid work in a field where he can develop his talents. I am loving having him around! He’s a great “kid” (he’ll always be my baby) and I was missing our mom/son talks we had before he graduated and moved to college.

Amanda & Casey. They finally found a home in Waxahachie and will be moving in next month. Please pray for a smooth transition and lots of helpers for moving furniture! I’ll post photos in my next update.

Natalie. It was so fun to see her and her boyfriend (Carl) for my birthday. I miss having her close for girl chats and watching movies together. Corpus Christi is so far away, but she loves it there and has become pretty active in the community. Check out this article about Sisters of the Shield here.


As always, you can keep updated (way more than my blog) by following me on social media (see below for all of the links).

God bless…until next time!

Jessie 🙂



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