Obrero Fiel Launch: Quick Update

Obrero Fiel Launch: Quick Update

Obrero Fiel Launch Anticipation…

My dear friends and supporters. I am so sorry for being silent with my updates for so long! Yes, we passed the hopeful launch date of Obrerofiel.com (August) and have been frantically working to get things in order. We have been advised that we would damage our SEO ratings if we launched prematurely, so the delay was necessary.

We can now see the time quickly coming. Our very firm hope is to launch on Reformation Day at the end of this month. We have several authors lined up to discuss in video interview format what the Reformation meant for Latin America. We hope this generates a lot of interest and draws new visitors to the site. I am super excited about this! Pray that we are able to reach this goal!

In the image at the bottom of the page (sneak peak), you will also notice we have a new logo and tagline: Obrero Fiel Siembra y transforma, which means Sow and Transform. We pray that these changes encourage more pastors and church leaders to find the resources they need to effectively teach and lead their congregations. Only 20% of Latin American Christian leaders have any formal training. The need for biblically sound resources at minimal or no cost is urgent. This is why our site is visited by over 2 million unique users annually. We hope to make their learning experience more productive and useful.

Also, we have been promoting the format change to our existing user base with a popup window asking them to subscribe for membership on the new site. In just over a week, we had over 1,200 new subscribers. We are very encouraged by the response. If you have ever loved a website that you visit often, you will understand the reluctance of people to want to change.

Only 2 out of every 10 Spanish-speaking Christian leaders in Latin America have spent at least an hour in formal Bible teaching. They’re starving for training to be effective in ministry and deeply rooted in truth. Please go to this link and help Camino Global reach our critical $45,000 goal for the site reformat: Give Now! (NOTE: this goes to the Camino Global project of Obrero Fiel, not my personal support account)

Thank you for your continued support and prayer for this important ministry! I’ll send a more personal family update soon!

New format will be live October 31, 2017, launch



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