Memories of the Ones We Love

Memories of the Ones We Love

We all have memories to share, don’t we?

I love this photo from our wedding where our dads are chatting with each other.

Thank you so much for your prayers over the past few months for Scot’s dad. He went home to be with his heavenly father January 3, 2017. Although we all grieve because we miss him, we know that he has no more pain and is rejoicing in his eternal blessing of God’s presence. Michael Jenkins was a truly godly and lovable man. Memories of him will forever be cherished.

We ask for your continued prayers as the family learns to move forward and all of his remaining affairs are put in order. It is certainly a difficult time to go through, but we are comforted knowing that many are praying for us and are there to help us through.

In the same manner, please lift up Natalie’s boyfriend’s (Carl) family as they grieve the recent loss of his father. Although he lived a long life, his death was rather sudden and they need to be covered in prayer as well.

Photos of past and present pastors, missionaries and families of CBC.

In other news and memories…

We recently attended my heart church (that’s what I call it because I grew up there…physically and spiritually) in Kaufman to sit in on the 40 year anniversary. Flooded with memories, it was awesome as we listened to members share of God’s work among them. It is a good thing to see your spiritual genealogy in action. Just think back to all of the genealogies you skim over as you read the Bible. They actually have new meaning now! I also was handed a couple VHS gems to convert to DVD. You can see a snippet of one below of Natalie attempting a singing gig (age 3).

Photo of memorial plants
We brought home two plants from the memorial. After researching how to care for them, I realized I needed to separate all of the plants in new pots. Two arrangements (top) turned into 13 separate pots (bottom: could have been more, but I combined a couple).

Not much else is new around here since most of our focus has been on following up with memorial logistics, but we have a few “lighter” things coming up. I am always excited to have the opportunity to paint (I never seem to have the time), and this Saturday will be a fun opportunity to share that fun with others. I am instruction a group of young girls (teens) during their painting birthday party. And the following week, I get to participate in a 3 day workshop in oils (haven’t gotten my oil paints out in years!). I am all giddy about this event and can hardly contain myself!

On a low note, I had another “episode” with my back. After a horrible two days of lower back spasms, I have begun to recover and am getting therapeutic massages and doing stretching exercises to get back to normal. I still have a nagging pain that keeps me from sitting. I’m fine as long as I am standing or laying down (my computer is rigged so I can work while I am horizontal). I am SO thankful for my husband who had to do EVERYTHING for me during those two days that I could not move. Things will be back to normal in a few weeks.

Now for the work-related stuff

Coming up, our current church is having its mission conference this month. It is always a fun event, and I get to set up a table to share my ministry with those who will stop by and say hi. Come see me if you are there! and its related web presence will be getting a facelift of sorts over the upcoming months. Our team is excited to be diving into this head first, and maybe a little nervous. But in the long run, it will make resources much easier to find and create a supportive community of users who can encourage each other in learning and sharing God’s word in Spanish. Stay tuned for more updates where I totally geek out!

Fun Video

Our CBC small group recorded a fun skit video for my niece, Rachel to watch while she couldn’t have visitors during her bone marrow transplant. This is just a snippet of how we visited her. Natalie couldn’t quite get the nerve to finish. 1989.

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