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Like Gold

Like Gold –

Have you ever come across something that was so helpful or worthwhile that you just wanted to thank someone?

I use a lot of stock photography in my work and I utilize some websites where people can add images and allow others to use those images with no royalty fees. Traditionally, using professional photos can get really expensive, depending how you use them.

After awhile I noticed that I use a good amount of photos from one certain artist. So to encourage him to keep on adding new works, I sent a voluntary payment with a note expressing my gratitude. He was very surprised and appreciative to receive even this small amount with words of encouragement.

I’ve also done this with free plugins that I use on websites too. This stuff takes time and its really cool that people offer their work for free!

So Patricia’s words are far more meaningful to me as she is referring to resources that point her to God and help her learn more of HIs precepts. Her comment below is about one of the free resources on (translated from Spanish):

“Thank you very much; this material is like gold. Thank you for providing it free of charge! God continue to bless you for this beautiful work, may the Lord prosper you in everything.”   ~ Patricia


Spanish version of the meme for Pinterest.

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