It’s June Already

Not done!
My “failed” attempt at a NY resolution! Someday I will finish.

Is it really June?

Wow. Time flies. Here it is mid-June and, how have I done on my one real “resolution”? Let’s just say I flunked! I’ve only halfway finished my second painting of the year. And, it isn’t even sitting on the easel anymore. So sad! I just can’t seem to fit it into my day. It doesn’t help that I don’t really have room to spread all my stuff out and really be creative. But, I could if I really really wanted to make it a priority. Just so many other things to go before it!

But enough of my complaining… let’s move on to more interesting things.


Well, I don’t think it can really be called interesting. As I’ve mentioned before, my work is very boring and really, nothing exciting to update… except maybe that I finally finished separating the multisite installation into stand alone databases. I hear the excitement building! You guys are an awesome audience!

AND, I am exploring various plugins to help our worldwide church database website be visually easier to search for churches… maps, important information, etc. When developing useful websites, research takes up a lot of my time. I guess this one is a little more interesting!

We are still working out the details and gathering resources for the video based site we hope to launch soon. Lots of “moving parts” for this one, so it is a bit complicated.

As for our main resource site, we are still in the process of converting resource posts (almost 9,000) to the new format. This switch will make the site easier to search and the resources will be organized and documented much more efficiently. This is a very long process and we are asking our users to be patient as the changes are made. You can look at the site in Spanish here (we have had some hacking issues, so some resources may not be accessible). You can also view the English explanation of the site here.


All is pretty normal on the family front. Amanda and Casey are finishing up securing a home in Waxahachie. They were able to buy a newly built home that will be ready in October. Please pray that that process will go smoothly.

Fitness Profile (& traffic reporter) Michael Scott finds solid ground in running
Fitness Profile (& traffic reporter)
Michael Scott finds solid ground in running

Joe is in the process of moving in with us here in Carrollton. He has some “filler” work to do while he looks for full-time employment. But, we could definitely use your prayers in this area! Pray also for all of us to adjust to the new normal of living in one house!

Here’s a fun note… Scot made the paper! He’s so good about staying fit. He’s very committed and inspiring! Click the image to go to the article.


We are still enjoying Grace Bible Church Dallas. We’ve been attending a new “course” style Sunday school class that is very interesting. Our next course will be going over church history. It’s a small group of people, but it’s fun getting to know them. Our women’s group is doing a study on the Psalms for the summer classes. I get to teach one of them this semester. Very excited to help with the classes! I’ve also been asked to help in the Fall classes. I’ll be paired with another leader who has previously taught in the group’s format. It feels good to be getting plugged in! Thank you for all who have been praying for me in that regard.


God’s timing always amazes me. Sometimes I get to a point where I feel like I need to look for work to fill in the gap between income and expenses… and then boom! He shows His provision. Welcome to those of you who have recently joined my team! And a huge THANK YOU for your continued financial support and even the special one-time gifts. I love everyone on my team and when I run into you “on the street”, I appreciate your encouragement and your willingness to pray. I think that’s the best… you know who you are!

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