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Almost a Year!

[quote]The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. Proverbs 16:9” href=”http://biblia.com/bible/esv/Pr16.9” target=”_blank”>Proverbs 16:9[/quote]

It has been almost a year since I announced my plans to serve in Mexico with Camino Global. I sent this update via snail mail, so it may be a repeat for you…at least this version will link you directly to some of the information I have given. But if you are new to my blog or haven’t been able to keep up, I am still in Texas. Having not met my financial goals yet, I must stay here to continue working on that.


Amanda (back of photo) helped the Jesús María
youth group paint speed bumps as a community service


I have to admit, this delay has been rather discouraging for me, but I know God’s timing is perfect. I have seen things develop this past year that were necessary in preparation. Amanda and Joe both have full time jobs now, although they are still in college. This relieves some of the financial issues for them as they are becoming more independent. They also visited Ixtapaluca with me in June to see where I would be living. I think they enjoyed it, and they even helped with some of the ministry while we were there.

Also, I have been able to release most of my clients over this time. I am thankful for their understanding and support. I have also gained a part-time project that partially covers the missing income from my business as I continue working on support for the mission. Your prayers are appreciated for God’s provision during this stage of transition.

I made several trips in the past months to visit old friends and to share my ministry plans. My email news updates cover the details of these visits. Please visit my blog to read those past articles (click here). I thoroughly enjoyed my time with each family and hope that we don’t wait so long between our next visits.

There are many other ways that I have seen God working during this time, but there isn’t enough room here to share. Please join my email list to keep up with the ongoing details about my ministry and family. You can sign up by going to here.



I am in need of a strong wave of support now to reach my goal… so I can go to Mexico and begin working with the ministry team there. I realize many of you have already given, but there are other ways to help too.

First Timers: Please consider joining my financial support team. No need to start payments right away, you can make a note (or send an email if you set up giving online) to begin when I leave for the field. The important thing is having an official commitment for the records.

One Time Givers: Thank you so much for your gift. These donations go toward my leaving expenses and are very important. Please consider committing to a monthly gift that will help support my ministry in Mexico (Commit Here).

Current Monthly Supporters: You guys are the heart of my support team. Thank you so much for your commitment. You can help by spreading the word to others who may be interested in supporting a missionary. I am available to meet with (or Skype) any one who is willing to listen. Please contact meif you have any leads. Looking forward to sharing more news with you soon!

Sightseeing from top of the Latin American Tower, Mexico City
Sightseeing from top of the Latin American Tower, Mexico City

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MANY THANKS (Thanksgiving)!

Thank you for your love and support this past year as I have been raising financial support and preparing for ministry in Mexico. I have had many words of encouragement, gifts of support, and promises of prayer for my journey into this new step I am about to take in life.

I also thank each of you for your prayers. Know that I am praying for you as well. Hopefully, soon, I will be able to send a progress report from Ixtapaluca, Mexico and give a first-hand report about all of the work God is doing there! All in God’s timing!

In Christ’s love, Jessica


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Update on the P.S…it isn’t working like I had hoped. When I find out more about it, I will let you know.

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