If you are a Pine Cove alumnus, you will know this term: FOB…”flat on back, feet on bed”. The mandatory rest time for all campers. Even though we were exhausted, we still complained that we had to do it. Oh but the counselors loved that time of recuperation!

Well, the past two weeks, I have been FOB! Flat on my back! You have seen it happen in the movies…someone bends over and they can’t straighten back up…then everyone laughs at the predicament (I am picturing a Lucille Ball or Archie Bunker type here) and what they go through to get from here to there. Well…it really happens…only it isn’t funny! The pain is debilitating and leaves me pretty much helpless. Thank the Lord my son was around the three days that I couldn’t move at all.

Now, I can stand up fine…or lay down comfortably. But sitting! Sitting is not fun and not being able to makes life very challenging. I am typing this right now laying flat on my back with the computer at a strange angle so that my wrists are comfortable enough for long-term work. I feel much better, but sitting just isn’t an option right now.

I will say it has been a great opportunity to contemplate life and talk to God with little interference. Thank goodness for my ESV Bible app on my iPhone so I could read my Bible somewhat easily. I have gotten two websites finished (almost) and several designs done. Not to mention the 10 or so movies I have watched (I may be exaggerating a bit). But all in all, I have been very productive.

So, as I continue to recover, I am adapting to different ways of doing things while laying down. You may see me out and about some (going to the doctor and trying not to go stir crazy), but please don’t make fun of me for taking five minutes to get out of the car (driving is the worst!). Pray that I am able to do things normally soon. I can tell I am on the mend…it just takes time.


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