Assessments of Another Year

Year End Assessments?

You almost have to do assessments of your previous year to make resolutions for the new year, right?

Do you make resolutions each year? A lot of people seem to. Just do a Google search of New Year Resolutions. You’ll find thousands of articles containing lists of suggestions.

Nine Resolutions for

55 Achievable Resolutions for… Now this I know I can handle!
#13. Say “no” to pizza once a month or
#21. Finally work out which side is your “good side” or my favorite (to balance out #13)
#46. Challenge yourself to eat an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting.
(I do not endorse the linked article. I only found it amusing).

Making lists seems to be the key for blog posts these days. I will have to add that to my list of things to do!

I don’t do it!

NYE 15I don’t make resolutions (although #46 is quite enticing). It is too overwhelming and frustrating.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t set goals and assess my past year of accomplishments and shortcomings. We all need to reflect and learn so we can move forward with confidence. When I say confidence, I mean confidence in the One who provides us with the strength, motivation, courage, faith, joy, and more to keep going! I certainly can’t do it on my own!

natchitoches louisiana, assessmentsLooking back, 2015 was a VERY full year! A year of firsts for my husband and I, with all of the normal milestones of newlyweds. For me, it was my first time to not spend our traditional Christmas Eve with my parents. But, it was my first Christmas to share with Scot’s family in Louisiana! If you have never been to Natchitoches, LA during their Christmas festival, it is a must see. They do it up right and the food is never-ending!

natchitoches lights, assessmentsShortcomings? Ok, I don’t really like to admit those. But believe me, I have them. I procrastinate a lot. Not on things that I need to do for others and for work that needs to be done. Mostly on things that I need to do to accomplish my personal goals. Reading more, painting more, exercising more, more time in God’s word, etc. And I have already learned (the hard way) the lesson of neglecting self. I have to find a balance… when will I learn (Luke 5:16)? If I don’t “feed” myself, I won’t have the energy to give to others.

I could list many other things, but I would rather not add to the aforementioned list trend right now. So we will move on.

Assessments and reflection teach you to have a balanced perspective.

I am a firm believer that God orchestrates everything for our good and ultimately His glory! It is easy to see that in hindsight, but it is much more difficult to see it when things are hard! But when you do see it during the tough times, you find joy. And that is what confuses people… “Where does your joy come from?” some ask. It comes from knowing our God. Knowing He is what holds it all together and that I don’t have to. THAT is where my joy and peace come from!

Going Forward in 2016

I am truly excited for 2016. I’m more comfortable in my new space (home in Carrollton). I’m still trying to make all my stuff fit in our home (and Scot is still trying to figure out where it all came from), but it feels like home now. I still need to get more comfortable in our church. It is a slow process, but it will happen. To tell you the truth, this has been the hardest part for me. I am not a person who needs social interaction to be satisfied. I enjoy it sometimes, but I love my alone time. But, I really do miss my deep connections with church family. I never thought I would say that since I pride myself on being just fine on my own (I should go back and read my old posts. There are at least two that make reference to this… to quote myself from one reference, “But in the true sense of getting to know people…I lack the ability to stick with it. It’s not that I don’t care, my brain just doesn’t naturally engage on that level.”).  On the bright side, I am continuing the women’s Bible study on Tuesdays and I really enjoy the group of ladies in my class that I am getting to know.

Assessing Ministry

2015 Impact ReportI am still working with Camino Global and the online resources and evangelism ministry. I just received the 2015 Impact Report for ObreroFiel! It is amazing how outreach has evolved with the internet. We are able to evangelize, disciple, and encourage so many people! Our online missionaries don’t just make casual contact. They interact with people on a very personal level; sometimes in a way that people won’t share in person. After a profession of faith, those people are then guided into discipleship and are directed to a local church so they can begin to grow in fellowship and community. The internet merely provides the initial contact. It really does make my mind explode when I see these reports! Click here for a printable version.

My support is still below the sustaining level for me to continue. Please consider committing to help on a monthly basis. My work is a long way from being finished and I hope to be able to continue with this amazing team of people who depend on the “geek” in me to make things work. Your prayers are appreciated in this area, as well and any connections you may know that would like to be a part of this global outreach. I am available to speak about the impact that Camino Global’s E-ministries is having around the world. Please contact me if you are interested.

Ok… One Resolution

Well, I will allow myself one resolution this year (beyond the normal goals I have all the time and the pint of ice cream resolution #46). Painting more. I want to commit to painting a little bit everyday (almost everyday). I think I avoid the discipline because I don’t like leaving something unfinished laying around. But painting is a process. Sometimes you have to let a canvas “sit” and come back to it later (to make assessments, right?). So I am allotting a spot in my brain for unfinished business. It will allow creativity to reclaim a position where computer code language has set in (the geeky me). There. I said it! Now you have to hold me accountable! Here is the canvas on the easel right now!

Amor de México, assessments
Privilegiada espacio en el patio
Part of my Amor de México series.

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