Always Moving

Recently, the pastor of my home church (Benji) announced that he and his family are moving away. He took a pastoral position at a church in California. This does not come as a surprise to me (he is an amazing man of God and has gifted with teaching God’s word in a way that people hear and take action), but it doesn’t change the emotions that are felt when someone who has played an important spiritual part in many lives moves away.

This is not a new experience for me. I have been at the same church since I was a little girl. Our church body has seen many pastors come and go (living so close to a Theological seminary almost guarantees this). Many close friendships have been made…only to move away into new ministries for the sake of Christ.

Benji gave us a good reminder of the lives of believers, “The people of God have always been on the move.” Ever since they left the Eden, God has had them traveling to the places He wants them to be. New Testament believers are no different. He moves us to the places where He wants to use us for His glory and although it hurts to leave family and friends, we are happy to go. We will miss the Magness family very much, but are glad to send him off into the lives of others who will benefit from his teachings.

Now we pray for the next family that God brings to our congregation…waiting in anticipation.

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