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Difficult Seasons

God gives strength in difficult times. Here it is, August. I was really going to write sooner, but it has been very difficult to even know what to say or think. In my last update, I wrote about my daughter’s blog and that she had been writing about their struggle with infertility. At the time […]

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Trying to Understand

As I recall the past couple of weeks, most of it is flooded with tears. Death of friends and family members is taxing on the soul to say the least. My heart aches for my two friends (past CBC members) who lost their sons. These experiences lead us to think about the important things in […]

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Many times, religion as a word, provokes negative ideas of interaction between different groups and denominations. Or, one may be pleased with the thought of religious affiliation and hide behind the tradition of what they perceive as living righteously. Speaking to those “religions” who claim Christ as their Savior…no matter what “religion”…we are to be […]

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Precious Time

In a recent devotional that my home church posts everyday, our pastor quoted Johnathan Edwards (as he often does): This reminded me of a study our women’s group went through, “Redeeming the Time” by Edwina Patterson. It was based on the passage Ephesians 5:16. I don’t remember everything about the study, but one thing I […]

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