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Holiday Wedding

Wedding on New Year’s Eve What could be more fun than getting married on New Year’s Eve? I can’t think of anything! And that is what Scot and I did… We just figured “why wait?” Yes, I returned to Mexico… but I will be back in Texas living with my hubby in February. We are […]

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Anticipation & Appreciation

Anticipation of Christmas and Eternity Here it is…Christmas again. Much of what we hear in Christmas stories, sermons, and conversation is in anticipation. Anticipation of the baby Jesus, the gifts to receive and be given, seeing our loved ones for the holidays… and the list goes on. Just think about all the things you anticipate […]

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Christmas. Longing for More.

Christmas Spirit? Do you get “down” during the Christmas season? It is such an exciting celebration. Everyone talking about Jesus’ birthday and having parties…sharing gifts and love…remembering what’s “important”…and on and on. For some reason I just don’t catch that fever. I even get really sad and down in the dumps (I wouldn’t go so […]

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