Recognize Life’s Water Towers

Jonah 1:17-2:10This past week, CBC Pastor (who happens to be my nephew) shared about his son’s (4 year old Camp) infatuation with water towers. He gets excited to see one as they drive because it means that they are in a new town…he wants to know more about where they are…like a new adventure every time he sees a new tower. Matt was pointing out where our focus should be. As we go through life’s lessons…the highs and the lows (and the in-betweens), we should be looking for ways that God is illuminating his character to us. He is always there (whether we recognize Him or not)…His character doesn’t change…there is nothing “new” about Him…but every experience we go through has something about God’s character for us to learn. We just need to recognize it…point it out. Just as Camp points out the water towers with excitement about each new town he visits (even if it is the same ones every day), we should anticipate what we will learn about God. Click here to listen to the sermon.

On a “rabbit trail” note, as I was looking for images of water towers to illustrate the subject, I found some very creative examples. I thought I would share them for you…and may we be as creative in pointing out what we learn about God’s character as he is about showing it to us. My friend, Kim Pyle creatively points out meaning from everyday lessons… check out her blog here: Dandelion Dust.

Baseball Water Tower: Found in several places…Zebulon, North Carolina…Charlotte, North Carolina…and others I am sure.

Peach Water Tower: Clanton, Alabama

Ear of Corn Water Tower: Rochester, Minnesota

Catsup Water Tower: Collinsville, Illinois

Coffee Pot Water Tower: Stanton, Iowa

Clanton, Alabama

Rochester, MN Collinsville, Illinois

Stanton, Iowa




Click on the photos for a larger view.


 What do your recent life lessons reveal? How are you excitedly pointing out your new revelations about God’s character (much like Camp’s excitement about water towers)? Are you posting them on Facebook? Tweeting them? Sharing with your friends…sure, you may get called a “Jesus Freak”…but is that really a bad thing? Boldly share what God is teaching you…you never know who may be waiting to hear just the thing you have been reluctant to share.