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Big Dog Little Kitty

Not a good combination. It is a natural tension between these two, so I don’t blame the dog for running down the calico…who by the way fits easily in his mouth. But as natural as it is, it is still a disturbing sight. I really thought I was going to have to bury the sweet […]

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FBA's Annie Production

It’s All About “Me”

Ok…there is no deep lesson here…I just came across this old video that I have been searching for. Amanda was the cutest toddler…so cuddly, cute and could charm anyone. Of course, she grew up, but she is still adorable. I always said I was going to send this in and win AFVs…but I will just […]

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Mission Field? Really?

Missions. Really? It sounds crazy. But I have felt pulled by a desire to “go away” (Matthew 28:19-20) since my first trip to Honduras with my church (2006). I was afraid to tell anyone because if I did…well, then it would happen for sure. I began praying that if it was what I was supposed to […]

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Sometimes I’m Just a Hermit

The ladies in my church are doing a summer virtual study on Philippians. We aren’t having meetings, but are to do it on the same schedule…and as we feel led to share, we can post our thoughts on our women’s Facebook page. Kinda of a nice way to be held accountable without the structure of […]

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What Is It? Really?

United States…are we a democracy? Think again…this video gives a pretty good overview of what our Constitution makes us. What is America’s True Form of Government? This is an excerpt from “Overview of America” produced by The John Birch Society. It is narrated by John McManus. The true American form of government was meant to […]

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