News From September

Time sure does fly by!

I look back over the month of September and it was a busy month…but it seems so far away. I guess because I did so much traveling. I am still recuperating, while trying to catch up on everything that gets pushed back while traveling…you all know how that works. It makes you wonder if you ever should have left in the first place…but it was worth it!


Home Connections

During the first part of September, our CBC Women’s group had a fall kickoff dinner. It was a sweet time of fellowship and information about the upcoming ministries. I had several different lunch “dates” with good friends, a “girls dinner” with my Scurry gals to celebrate some combined birthdays, and a fellowship meeting with my Dallas area Camino T2 Team.

Then…the not so much fun stuff…a busted water heater, then another one. The second one still isn’t fixed. I haven’t had time to focus on it, so I am just boiling water to do the dishes, washing clothes in cold water, and the kids are using my shower for now. The first one had to be replaced, but I think this one only needs something fixed (that is my hope at least!). I DID however replace the headlights on the Camry by myself! I feel so handy.

Clifford Family

California and Amazing Friends!

I got to take an awesome trip to California to visit a LOT of my “ex” pastors…for some reason they like to move to California from here. I have to admit it is a very beautiful place (see FB photo album). I flew into LAX (where I had to spend the night thanks to the American Airlines pilot strike), then to Santa Barbara…where Heather Magness picked me up from the airport. We drove straight to their church just in time for Benji’s sermon at Grace Baptist in Santa Maria. The 2 1/2 hours sleep I had was just enough for me to not totally fall asleep…but Benji’s sermon wasAvila Beach just as good as always. Heather and the girls (Piper and Tabitha) took me to the beach one day…a little chilly, but a fun outing. I also spent a day being a tourist…Santa Barbara wine country is gorgeous, so check out those photos here. By the way, the forced layover gave me opportunities to make new friends. Thanks for sharing breakfast with me, Jerry and Lynette!

The the Magness’s let me borrow their van to drive up to San Jose (4 hours) to visit the Cliffords and the Ingrams. I got to worship with three different congregations there: Westgate (Steve & Dana Clifford), Venture Christian Church (Chip & Theresa Ingram), and Awakening Church (Ryan & Jenny Ingram). It was so fun to see and catch up with my friends from CBC of years ago (although I am sure Ryan -now the pastor of Awakening Church) has no clue who I am since he was about 9 when they left). I spent a couple of hours California Central Coastwith Chip and Theresa as they treated me to dinner and we enjoyed catching up on family and CBC news. Most of the time, of course, was spent with Dana…’cuz that’s what girlfriends do…no matter how long it has been since the last visit.

On my way back down to Santa Maria, I drove down the coastline on Hwy 1 and stopped around every corner to take pictures. It was a beautiful day, so I took my time and soaked in God’s majestic mountainous shoreline. His creativity speaks to me in ways hard to express…and photos can’t even capture the beauty accurately (see FB album). Then, I spent another day with the Magness family…all of them (love those kids!)…then back to the airport and home. Keep reading to hear more adventures!


[quote]When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him? Psalm 8: 3-4[/quote]


Birthday for Dad…in Kentucky!

My dad grew up in Kentucky. So, for his 75th birthday…we surprised him with a nostalgic trip to visit his old neighborhoods and see his favorite things about Kentucky. See this Facebook album for the whole story. It was so fun to hear about his childhood and hang out with Glee and Bob (sister and brother)…kinda weird as adults…especially when Bobby breaks out in song…he’s still just as goofy as ever (his wife, Yvette would agree)! While there, we got to see yet another former CBC youth pastor. Keith and Dana Frank met us at Keenland Park in Lexington. They haven’t aged a bit and we enjoyed the day with them!



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