Midlife Crisis?

A Crisis?Well…my recent decision to jump into the mission field has caused a few to say “she’s going through a midlife crises.” Well…I guess that would depend on how you define one. Really…all a “midlife crisis” is, is a reflection on the meaning of life, and the validity of decisions made years before. It is what is done with the conclusion after visiting this thought process that makes is a “negative” crisis.

So on the one hand, some would look at their lives and decide to make a change in their lifestyle…live life to the fullest, make every minute count…buy that red sports car, flirt with that young cutie…self-indulge. This conclusion (I hope you would agree) is selfish and the perspective of that contemplation of their life history is merely through their own eyes.

On the other hand, others look at their lives with an eternal perspective and go a completely different direction. They realize they have already been self-indulgent and need to make a change…live life to the fullest, make every minute count…count for God’s Kingdom by spreading the Gospel, helping the less fortunate, investing in eternal relationships…others-indulge. I think this is the conclusion that is meant to be drawn by the questioning of our existence and reevaluation of our past. If we don’t have God in the center of all of it, then it won’t satisfy, it won’t be worth the time we put into it.

How will you respond?In the bucket of questions, I have also been asked if I saw the Julia Roberts movie “Eat, Pray, Love”. Yes, I have. It was entertaining, but by no means is it an answer to finding satisfaction. I would classify it as the “selfish” response to the midlife crisis. The key thing here…she is finding “herself”…she didn’t find God. Even in the spiritual part…mid-movie…it was still all focused on self. The sweeter end to the movie would have been for her to find eternal salvation in Christ (please don’t think I am anti-movie…I love movies, and even enjoyed this one…but I always watch them with a “grain of salt”).

So my question to those who think I have gone off the deep end is…”who can eat and who can have enjoyment without Him?” (Ecclesiastes 3:2). My enjoyment of life will be in Him…and right now, I believe it is time for me to “go away” (Matthew 28:19-20). I hope you will find enjoyment of life with me in Him. Whether you stay home or go to another culture, find the meaning of life with an eternal perspective. Receive the Gospel and run with it!


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