Mexico City

Ixtapaluca (“suburb” of Mexico City) population 430,000

Most of these families have moved out of Mexico City or other surrounding cities, often moving out of their parents’ or in-laws’ home, and are making a fresh start

They have spiritual interest, and aren’t unduly influenced by their traditional family or customs

There are approximately 25 churches in the area, most of them house churches, the largest about 350. Around 3-5% evangelical

Approximately 70,000 small homes built in the last 13 years, with well over half of them built within the last 7 years

Bedroom community, most people work in Mexico City

Very few civic or volunteer organizations, no sports league, very few opportunities in music, art, etc… The church is uniquely able to satisfy some of these needs

English is in demand, but schools are expensive

The average monthly wage here is $500-700 a month, very little disposable income