May News

I Love May

May always seems to be one of the busiest months. And more so for me right now, but that’s beside the point. In May, students are finishing up projects, having end of the year parties…not to mention the graduations and festivities that go along with that! Moms are frantically getting their homes in as much order as possible before it is totally overwhelmed with summertime kids. [quote]I remember always wanting to get the kids’ rooms “spring cleaned” before school was out for summer.[/quote] That way they had plenty of space to “mess” up while knowing everything had a place to go when they were done playing with it (theoretically of course). It made me feel a little less chaotic without the strict school time schedule. This year isn’t an exception…both of my college kids will be home for summer next week…invading my quiet orderly schedule with EVERYTHING from their dorm rooms! Oh my…where will it all go! But really, I AM looking forward to it. They are really fun to be around. Maybe we won’t kill each other. And I do enjoy the smell of pizza that goes along with that age group (if you follow me on Facebook (or Jessie’ Journal FB) or Twitter, you will understand my pizza references)! It has been awhile since Amanda and Joe have been home at the same time for any length of time.



Bug Zapper!

I had a little homeowner “excitement” this week… I left my bedroom/office to get something from the other room. I heard a “bug zapper noise”. You know the sound…some small flying creature gets caught in the electric bulb thingy and makes an electrical zapping sound. I don’t know how else to describe it…but it made my lights flicker as well. When I went to inspect the problem, I could smell that alarming smouldering smell of wires or insulation or something. And it was getting stronger by the minute. As I am panicking and carrying photo albums and job archives out to the car, I am also calling fireman friends to see what I should do. Thankfully Cole answered the phone and…duh…”turn off the breaker.” And my neighbor Jeff came down to make sure I didn’t have anything waiting to ignite. Well, long story short….There is some damage to the wiring…which apparently was done wrong in the first place. Still waiting on that estimate (yikes!). Oh, and while I wait, I can’t use the A/C or the hot water heater in that end of the house (I have two units thank goodness).


Family News

My niece, Sarah, graduates from Ouachita Baptist University this month! It is so exciting to accomplish something like that…and she did it in four years! Congratulations Sarah!

Amanda just signed an official Teacher’s Assistant contract with Green Oaks School in Arlington where she has been working for awhile. She now joins the rank of adults who have a steady salary…something I have never had, being self-employed. And she hasn’t even graduated yet! One more year…she is doing great.

Joe finishes up his first semester at DBU this month. In the fall he plans on moving to College Station to attend Blinn College. He has his sights on getting EMT certified and ultimately working as a fireman. Gotta love it when the kids find the direction they want to go and pursue it!

Jax’s birthday (my great nephew…Glee’s grandson) is this month…he is merely two, but Matt and Rebecca always celebrate well! Also, I think I forgot to mention that our church officially called Matt as pastor last month. He is doing a great job, and Rebecca is an amazing asset to the church as well.

Aunt Sandy (my Mom’s sister-in-law) from Ohio has been in ICU with heart failure. Please keep Mom’s brother (Uncle Ed) and the family in your prayers as they go through this scary time.

As for me…still working on this never ending election cycle. I’m not complaining, work is always good. It has just been a long one because of the date changes for the primary. It will be over soon and I can really focus on my ministry more. I am still in support raising mode, so if you are planning on giving, please do so now, so it will show on my reports as a commitment. You can request payments to be deferred until I leave for the field…just need to know who is committed to reach my goal. Here is a quick link to get started.

At the end of this month, the kids and I (Amanda & Joe) will be going to Mexico City and Ixtapaluca so they can participate in a summer intern orientation. They are not going as interns, but my team leader, Rod Fry, thought it would be good for them to see where I will be living and ministering…and how things work there. We will be there a few days. I am really excited about the trip.

Mexico City Photo Courtesy of Aventours