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Hello… Anybody There?

Hello, Jessie…Where are you?

Have you ever gone through times where you just don’t have anything to say? Well…that is where I have been. Call it “busyness” or “lack of inspiration” or just plain “procrastination”. But I have it! And I am sure it is mostly the latter.



I know you all are wondering where I stand in my progress toward getting to Mexico. Yes, I have made some financial progress. It has still been slow going, but I am seeing it. My outgoing fund (for initial costs of beginning life in Mexico and actually traveling there) are met (envision happy dance here)! My main focus now is continuing to build my monthly financial base. If you would like to join that team, click here to do so online. Or, if you want to commit to monthly support and wait to start giving when I leave, send me an email to let me know how much you want to commit to and Camino will add it to my calculations in official support. This will help me reach my goal.


hello jessieLife Goes On

Yes, daily life continues. Yes, it is crazy busy…filled with work, ministry and wedding planning. Amanda’s wedding is quickly approaching and I feel like I have tunnel vision! Showers, invitations, parties, decorations, meeting with vendors, more showers….get the picture? Don’t worry…there will be lots of pictures. And if you follow me on my personal Facebook page, you know what I mean. I love to post pictures!

I have also been helping promote Hope Coffee some with Camino. What could be better? I love coffee…I love ministry. Two for one here! The new t-shirts are pretty cool too. You can order those here. And when you order coffee, use my name in the referral box and my ministry will benefit from your purchase as well. You can order coffee here.


Family Update

Let’s see… We get to see a lot more of Natalie now since she comes up to attend Amanda’s ongoing wedding festivities. I LOVE this part of the whole wedding planning thing. Joe is looking forward to attending Dallas Art Institute in the fall to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Film and Production. And did I mention that Amanda is scheduled to marry Casey August 1st? I’m sure I did.

amanda-dbu_graduateBut I guess a really big deal is that my sweet Amanda just graduated from college! I am so proud of all of the hard work she put into school. She did it in four years and landed her “dream” job before she even graduated! If you could just see how tall I am sitting and the smile on my face as I type this right now. I could seriously explode! Boom!

I hope you feel caught up now. I will try to be better as we move forward. I’m praying for you! Please continue your prayers for me. I appreciate you all so much!

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