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Full of Surprises

Full of Surprises

Well, if you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have been a little busy.

Headed to Mexico

TinaCoffeeIn January, I was told by Camino Global, my missions agency, that I could begin the release to the field process. In short, I have been going around like a crazy person making final plans for my departure to Mexico! Yes, God’s timing is pretty awesome… I leave February 20th (btw…thank you to my good friend and State Representative Lance Gooden for booking my flight… one less thing to worry about!). My co-worker, Tina, has been scoping out houses for me so I will have a place to live when I get there. That’s Tina in the photo…working in the coffee shop next to the community center. She has been serving in Ixtapaluca for 2.5 years and has decided to commit to full time. Currently, she is working on support for that commitment so she can stay and continue the service she has been doing. You can check out her blog here. My other team members there are Canadian Camino Global missionaries, Jim and Shari Cottrill. A great family who I can’t wait to serve with! Jim wrote a nice announcement on his blog about me joining the team.

Now… for all you students and young adults who may be thinking about missions, Camino has some great summer intern programs. Check out their website for the opportunities. The deadline for this summer is March 15…so hurry!

Visitors From Honduras

joe-gabrielAgain, God’s timing continues to amaze me. As I  began to make final plans for Mexico, I was also planning for my friends from Honduras to live in my home for a period of time. Tania and Cesar and their four boys have taken a leap of faith and moved to the states. God timed it just right for both of our moves…providing a home for them, and providing someone to live in my home (and “take care of Joe”) for me. I picked them up at the airport Tuesday night and enjoyed a sweet reunion with dear friends. Then immediately took them to Whataburger to experience Texas fast food at its finest! If you are in our area, be sure and give them a warm welcome. CBC peeps will remember this beautiful family from our short-term mission trips to Honduras. They were very helpful as translators and much more. We are honored to have them here with us! (The picture shows Joe with the oldest son, Gabriel during our 2011 trip to Honduras.)

I said YES!

marrymeYes… that is a proposal of marriage! Michael Scott (your favorite airborne traffic reporter in the DFW metroplex) surprised me with a message on my crème brûlée, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Then the entire Four Winds restaurant proceeded to applaud after I accepted. God has blessed me with an amazing man who loves me. That is a hard concept for me to grasp… being loved. Funny what God teaches us about ourselves in relationships. The most popular question after people hear the news is when is the date? Well, we have been dating on and off for four years, so we are okay to wait another year. When I return from Mexico, we will tie the knot…but we don’t know the exact date yet.

If you are a KSCS listener, you may have caught his interview during the morning show. They love to tease, but they wanted to hear the news to make sure it was really true…I recorded it with my phone so you can hear it too just click the arrow to play (it only works from the website version of this email, so go click the read more button below… it may take a moment to load).

[jwplayer mediaid=”1237″]

Thank You!

So, A big “thank you” goes out to all of my supporters! Your prayers and financial support are a blessing to me and reveal a part of God’s glory with the love shown through His collective church. Please continue to pray for me and my family (and fiancé!) during this time apart. If you want to join the team, there is still time. Just click here to jump on board.

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