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Holiday Wedding

Wedding on New Year’s Eve What could be more fun than getting married on New Year’s Eve? I can’t think of anything! And that is what Scot and I did… We just figured “why wait?” Yes, I returned to Mexico… but I will be back in Texas living with my hubby in February. We are […]

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Full of Surprises

Full of Surprises Well, if you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have been a little busy. Headed to Mexico In January, I was told by Camino Global, my missions agency, that I could begin the release to the field process. In short, I have been going around like a crazy person making […]

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A Crazy Kind of Love

As I  mentioned in an earlier article, when I tell people I am going to Mexico to serve, I get asked “are you crazy?”, and “are you going through a mid-life crisis?” I always think this is an interesting response because it just seems like the next step to me. It has become even more […]

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Making Progress!

Normal? It’s September, and I feel somewhat normal again after this crazy season in my life! I hope you are settled into your “back-to-school” schedules and feeling “normal” as well…whatever that means!   Joe’s the Man Joe begins his endeavor at the Art Institute in Dallas at the end of this month. We will attend […]

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Whirlwind Summer!

Coming Up For Air Whew! What a whirlwind summer! Amanda and Casey are married, the “Barn” survived the festivities, and I am finding some rest at my friend’s home in Angel Fire (an amazing break from the Texas heat!). My brain is still a bit fuzzy from all of the planning, cleaning and well, planning. […]

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Hello… Anybody There?

Hello, Jessie…Where are you? Have you ever gone through times where you just don’t have anything to say? Well…that is where I have been. Call it “busyness” or “lack of inspiration” or just plain “procrastination”. But I have it! And I am sure it is mostly the latter.   Progress I know you all are […]

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