Another Water Tower

There are so many lessons that could revolve around the water tower concept. The obvious being a source of life sustaining water…and relating that to Christ’s eternal living water. Well, in Ixtapaluca near the Jesús María community center, this water tower is also used as a tool to share the Gospel of Christ’s living water. Alyssa Miller began the project in June 2011 (I got to paint with her for a couple of hours when I visited last year). It has been a source of conversation and invitation in the middle of the area where church and team members are building relationships with the community. I hope to continue with more mural projects when I begin my ministry in Mexico. I am still working on support raising. If you are (or know of someone) wanting to help share God’s love through missions, please click here to see how. I would love to have you on my team and be able to share with you how God is working through your generosity.

Aerial view of water tower & community center
Aerial view of water tower & community center

Here is an excerpt from Alyssa’s blog as she reflects on here experience with the mural and the man who she sought “permission” from to paint over his gang’s graffiti…

[quote]Monday morning we packed, had breakfast and unloaded a give a way bag of clothes and random stuff with the kids of Iris and Miguel. After, we took pics with the interns in front of the mural and as we were loading the van to head to the airport, we saw ” Julito” the #1 gang guy in the community. I walked over to him and I introduced myself. I thanked him for not giving us any issues with the mural, as I know it is his territory. He said it was all good and he thought the mural was pretty cool. One thing lead to the next and we ended up taking a pic together in front of the mural. I shared the message of the mural and when I told him I had experienced the transformed life on the left side and he could too, he teared up. I told him, my husband and I would be praying for him. He said he had been meaning to talk to us, so I put him in touch with Iris and told him he should speak with them, since they are good people and it was our last day.

My heart was so full all the way to the airport. God can do all things, he is the maker, owner and king of all… Julito is nothing hard for him. Pray for him, and that he would give his life to Christ, and that his faith would ripple effect to the youth in the community.[/quote]

Water Tower - Alyssa
Alyssa Miller with her painting on the water tower.


Robert Loffler (who took these photographs) also has insight into the ministry of the water tower mural in his blog.

[quote] One thing that has astonished me in the past few weeks is the effectiveness that art has to open up communication with people. I would say that at least 100 people stopped by to talk to whoever has been painting at the time. Almost every time the meaning of the image is asked which leads to discussion of dry and dead life which can have eternal life if one crosses through The Door (John 10:9)[/quote]


I must say I am so excited about this ministry and I am anxious to begin working with the rest of the team in Ixtapaluca!